Justin L. Grobe, PhD, FAHA

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Primary Office: 2-370 BSB
51 Newton Road
Iowa City, IA  52242
Office Phone: (319) 353-5789

Lab office: 2-300 BSB
Lab Phone: (319) 353-5803
Email: justin-grobe@uiowa.edu

Guorui (Gary) Deng, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
2-300 BSB
(319) 353-5803
Email: guorui-deng@uiowa.edu

Jeremy A. Sandgren

Graduate Research Assistant
 2-300 BSB
(319) 353-5803
Email: jeremy-sandgren@uiowa.edu
Graduate Program: Pharmacology | Medical Scientist Training Program

Photo of Sarah Sapouckey
Sarah Sapouckey

Graduate Research Assistant
2-300 BSB
(319) 353-5803
Email:  sarah-sapouckey@uiowa.edu
Graduate Program: Molecular Medicine

Colin M.L. Burnett, MS, MD

Resident, Internal Medicine
Email: colin-burnett@uiowa.edu


Lisa Morselli photo
Lisa L. Morselli, MD, PhD

Endocrinology Fellow
Email: lisa-morselli@uiowa.edu


Kendra L. Frey

Medical Student
Email: kendra-frey@uiowa.edu

Jiarui Xue

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: jiarui-xue@uiowa.edu

Shao Yang Zhang

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: shaoyang-zhang@uiowa.edu

Casee R. Meincke

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: casee-meincke@uiowa.edu

Lily Jiaqi Cao

High School Research Student
Email: lilyjiaqi-cao@uiowa.edu